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The day to day life of a hamster

New Arrival!

New Arrival!

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First post here!! The last hamster I had, Vanilla (see icon) died at the age of 2 years and 3 months on 21st December 2002, and I did not get another as I was due to go to university the next October. In the last couple of months I took my final exams and finished my degree, and have now returned back home to live permenantly, so the perfect time to get a new little friend!

So about three hours ago I got a new little girl, who I'm probably going to call Toffee, but that's not totally decided yet! Her birthday was the 4th April so she's almost 3 months old already, but still seems pretty tiny. She fell asleep in the carry case during the 10 minute car journey, but doesn't appear to have slept at all since I put her in her cage, there is just too much to investigate!!

Well, here are the clearest of the photos I've taken so far, she's pretty quick!

I'll go back and watch her again now, I've missed having a hamster so much!!

::EDIT:: she's gone and put ALL her food in the wheel, silly girl!
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