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The day to day life of a hamster

Obsessive hammy!

Obsessive hammy!

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toffee: angst
Over the last couple of weeks, Toffee seemed to be up a lot earlier and a lot more than usual, I didn't think much of it, as she seemed fine apart from that. Then, yesterday, she was up really early again and I noticed that this weekend block treat I'd given her when I went to Dad's for the weekend a couple of weeks ago was still mostly intact and still in the main part of her cage and she was trying to get it up the tube to her bed. As she's had that block for as long as she's been not been sleeping properly, I took it away from her until I get a chance to break it into pieces she can carry to her food store, and she has gone back to sleeping normally again!

She does prefer to chew things in her bed than in the more exposed part of her cage, but this treat was just far too big for her to get it that far and she'd only managed to chew a couple of corners off! I think I'll be sticking to those wooden treat sticks that keep her busy for a little while, and as they break up easier, they don't cause her to get quite so obsessive about them!
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